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for a pretrial conference. >> this morning governor jerry brown is meeting with the uc board of regents in san francisco. brown is challenging both the uc and cal state systems. he says universities must, coat, reconfigure themselves to be more effective but do so in a way to keep costs from going up. it will include a discussion of online learning at a university. just yesterday the governor announced a new program being introduced at san jose state to make online courses more affordable. >>> the national transportation safety board announcing they will be sending an investigator to japan to take part in an investigation of an emergency landing of a boeing 787, the new dreamliner. early reports indicate the flight crew received multiple messages concerning the battery and other systems. the crew themselves reported an odor coming from the cockpit and in the cabin. when the plane landed at the takamatsu international airport, the passengers and crew evacuated on the emergency slides. the investigator is expected to arrive in japan sometime early friday morning. this one right now is an interna
be giving uc berkeley researchers about your commute without you even knowing about it. a new traffic study is out this morning shedding light on some of the worst commutes in the bay area. "today in the bay's" marla tellez live this morning with more on the traffic study that's surprising some. good morning, marla. >> reporter: this traffic study is different from all of the other studies that we've seen previously because for the first time researchers tracked drivers unanimously using their cell phone gps. now, if you happen to drive northbound 101 in southeast san jose where we are this morning, you may have been one of those drivers. researchers -- the study was done by researchers at uc berkeley and m.i.t. it's one of the four most congested spots in the bay area during the morning commute. the other three hot spots include southbound 101 traffic through san rafael, westbound 580 traffic along the castro valley y and southbound commute through san ramon on 680. researchers tracked more than 350,000 drivers using their cell phone data to pinpoint these trouble spots. the study conclude
helping oakland pd arrest 60 suspects and seize 92 guns off the street. >>> the new promise from the uc regents regarding student tuition. >>> a pair of bay area hospitals in talks to try to team up. why they say that's good news for bay area patients. >>> it's now a sense of how much money you'll pay under the fiscal cliff deal may have you rolling your eyes. >>> welcome back. a live look at the capitol in washington, d.c. where preparations are well under way for the president's inauguration public oath on monday, january 20th. we'll have the latest for you starting "today in the bay" at 4:30 on monday morning. rit now it's 5:10. >>> oakland based company has sold the downtown high rise to a san diego company for $110 million. the company will keep its headquarters in the building in space it's leasing from the new owner. the other empty space will be enve enree renovated. >>> a "wall street journal" analysis of who will pay what under the new tax plans getting a few chuckles this morning. scott mcgrew single moms will now have to pay $70,000 in taxes. how's that possible? >> it's pos
in charge of online classes at the university of california are scheduled to give a presentation to the uc regents about the lack of success marketing the online classes to nonstudents. the university spent $4.3 million marketing its online classes. hoping to attract tuition from students around the world. but since classes began a year ago, only one person who is not already a uc student has taken the class. uc online classes cost $1400 to $2400. but other universities such as stanford and harvard are offering online classes for free. hundreds of thousands of students have signed up for those classes. >>> uc berkeley is one of the top ten best public college values in the country aid -- according to kiplinger magazine. the magazine looked at admission rates, and other items to come up with the list. ucla is the highest ranking california school. >>> there is a new report suggesting some college co-eds are turning to so-called sugar daddies to help them pay for education. a website shows a 67% increase in the number of female students signing up for the online service. they spend time with
in taking the job full time. >>> good news for undergrads at uc campuses statewide. the uc president says tuition hike for the 2013-2014 school year is unlikely. the uc raised tuition between 2006 and 2011 because of state budget cuts. >>> the nation's capital work right now continues for president obama's inauguration. now the national mall being transformed into america's stage there. of course this is where president obama will take the oath of office on monday. that will be next monday. you can see the stands there. the presidential view stand is up for authorities and security right there to parade that route. more than 800,000 people expected to attend this one and the secret service promising to have better crowd management this time around. last time four years ago a lot of people got stuck in tunnels and didn't see him being sworn in. the preparations continue. president obama still very busy writing his speech. >> i have seen some yellow pads filled with writing of late around. >> i don't think he should turn this into a partisan speech. i think he helps himself when he holds th
drivers. the study done by researchers at both uc berkeley and m.i.t. found that this area northbound 101 in south san jose is one of the four most congested shots in the bay during the morning commute. southbound 101 traffic through san rafael and castro valley and westbound 580 traffic and southbound commute through san ramon on 680 also. the study concludes if 1% of commuters from these very specific outlying areas canceled their trip during rush hour commutes, that would reduce the extra travel time for all other drivers by 14%. which turns out to save about eight minutes an hour. valuable time according to some drivers we talked to this morning. >> you might get a burst of no traffic for a short period of time but then it always -- you hit it. you just keep hitting it. i don't know if there's really a way around it unfortunately. >> reporter: now, to the controversial part over a three-week period researchers tracked more than 350,000 people using their cell phone data again without them knowing but they say this information will be kept confidential. the study was published in the d
$125 million each for uc and csu. still governor brown says the state must live within its means and there will be cuts to certain welfare programs. >>> testing begins today on the now bay lights project on the bay bridge. more than 25,000 l.e.d. bulbs have been attached on the western span. crews will run the first sequence test to make sure everything is in working order. computer software has been designed to change light patterns. the $8 million project was created to celebrate the bay bridge's 75th anniversary. the switch will officially be turned on in march and it will run for two years. >>> when we return, monopoly is about to use a game piece. >> and it's up to you to decide which one goes into retirement. >>> sort of a monopoly survivor twist. hasboro holding a facebook contest to eliminate one of its igt little monopoly game piece and introduce a new one. and you get to help choose which one. >> it's the latest effort to bring new excitement to the game if they created almost eight decades ago. facebook fans of monopoly on tuesday can vote on which piece to eliminate a
reported. >>> uc undergraduate students will not see their tour wigs go -- tuition go up next fall. with proposition 30, the uc system will receive 125 million next year. but that's still less than the $250 million the state originally requested. uc is still considering raising fees for some graduate programs to make up for the shortfall. >>> we have to get out of her comfort zone. we have to look at this thing in a way, how do we maintain, enhance, this wonderful institution called the university of california. some of the governor's suggestions include reversing student's average graduating time, and defeesing faculty benefits. some regents pointing out -- pointed out that some uc regents teachers have lower salaries than others universities. >>> a vineyard manager in sonoma county has been sentenced to one mon in -- to one month in jail. the "press democrat" reports that james pool entered a no contest plea to charges that he removed a safety device. from r -- prosecutors say taking off the safety device caused the workers's ethlows to become trapped. >>> days after a virus zair
francisco today at uc and will talk about the priorities he wants to see in the system. "los angeles times" reports brown will push for more teaching and less research at university of california campuses and wants more online courses to save money and increase class offerings. in the budget preliminary last week, he increased money for both the uc and cal state university systems by $250 million each less than requested but enough to avert tuition hikes in the fall. the governor said if they want more funding in the future they need to do as he asks. >> employees at oakland unified school district forced to move because of a flood will not be back any time soon after equipment was damaged. workers are displaced at least through the spring. they are looking at the structural stability of the building of the it will take up to ten wokes. the flood was caused by someone leaving a tap on in a custodian clots it. >> drives along the great highway in san francisco notice big improve 349 the next nine months with a little inconvenience in the meantime. traffic is reduced to a single lane in shor
a year ago, only one person who was not already a uc student has take an class. uc online classes cost $1400 to $2400. but other universities like stanford and harvard are offering online classes for free. hundreds of thousands of students have signed up for those classes. >>> season 12 of american idol kicks off tonight right here on ktvu channel 2. mariah carey, nikki minaj and keith urban join randy jackson at the judges table. but judges say the focus is on finding the next big talent and that sometimes creates colorful moments. >> we have so much stuff going on this season. if i were a viewer, i would have be dvring this season. there are so many things. >> as usual fans can expect wild wacky and off key singers during early auditions and this is going to be great. be sure to watch for contestants that had surprise auditions after being secretly nominated by their friends. american idol returns tonight right at 8:00 right here on ktvu channel 2. the premier continues with a two hour episode tomorrow night. also at 8:00. >>> 6:26. sal doesn't have to audition. you've got the job. >
commutes in the bay area is raising some eyebrows. the study out of uc berkeley and m.i.t. says the four most congested areas are 101 in south san jose, 101 through san raefl and 680 through san ramon. people aren't shocked, it's how researchers found their results. for the first time researchers tracked drivers anonymously using cell phone gps technology. the study was done over a three-week period. more than 350,000 drivers participated without even knowing it. and this is rubbing some people the wrong way. >> like the strips on the road, they can count what the counts are. i don't know. like i said, i don't want to be tracked personally. my business is my business. where i'm going and what i'm doing is my own thing. >> the researchers say if you were tracked anonymously, your driving pattern will be kept confidential. >>> well, oracle's sailing team finally getting its wings back today. the new wing from the team's 72-foot racing catamaran will be delivered this afternoon. that wing was shredded when the catamaran capsized during a training run on the bay as the team got ready for the
. revolution foods was started by two uc berkeley students in 2006 with a focus on using local ingredients to create homemade healthy school lunches. the $9 million contract with san francisco unified is revolutions biggest deal yet. >>> a few hours from now the 49ers playoff tickets going on sale. there's a limited number of tickets available for saturday's game taking on the packers. you are told to head to starting at 10:00 this morning. also playing this saturday baltimore ravens surviving yesterday taking on the denver broncos and on sunday seahawks visiting the falcons and texans play in new england taking on the patriots. >> those are going to be gone in a flash. >> exactly. most of them are gone now. limited. bloom. flash. >>> meteorologist christina loren, i got rained on during my run yesterday morning as expected. >> i told but that. couldn't have come as too much of a shock. good morning to you. you won't get rained on during your afternoon run, marla. we know you like to go double time this time of year. 33 degrees in napa. 39 in sonoma. 43 in san francisco. i
biology. >>> a study out of u.c. berkeley said if you are not getting enough sleep you may be taking your partner for granted. researchers found sleep habits can impact gratitude. they say the lack of zs can leave couples leaving two tired to say thanks. the findings were presented yesterday at the annual meeting of the society for personality and social psychologist in new orleans. well, we definitely do not get enough sleep on saturday nights. so if i neglected to say thanks, lisa, you know -- >> no, no. you are always gracious. especially when i bring the good weather, right? >> yeah. >> keep the cold and rain away and we are going to do that the next couple days. as we head outside right now, it's certainly dark out there. numbers are chilly away from the city but downtown we've kept the numbers up thanks to the bay water there. compared to yesterday at this time, we are a little cooler in oakland but warmer along the coast and downtown. this is all going to change in the next couple of days. as our ridge breaks down. but for this morning it's cold in the valleys with a little fog. th
in the face. a judge ordering nesbitt to stand trial for a pretrial conference. >> brown is challenging uc and cal state systems saying universities must reconfigure themselves to be effective. but do so in a way to keep costs from going up. the meeting will include a discussion of online learning at the university. just yesterday the governor announced a new program being introduced as san jose state to make online courses more available to students in the hopes of lowering the costs of college and helping students graduate sooner. >> 5:06 now. is it just me or was it hot out today? two degrees warmer. >> definitely. >> heat wave. >> radiating all the way to the weather wall. good morning to you. things are a touch warmer this morning. it's still downright cold out there. one thing we are noticing, we have patchy fog developing in addition to the patchy frost. that's an indication of more moisture content. it won't be as dry today. 28 degrees in gilroy. 33 in san jose. one away from freezing in sunny vail. 39 in oak town. temperatures will drop throughout the morning, but through filtered
as well. in three minutes we will know. >> hopefully it doesn't get compared to a toilet. remember the uc system logo thing. they don't want that. >> probably not doing american. >>> guess what? if you are into owning unique pieces of history you could own a piece of solyndra. selling a few of those tube shaped modules left at the solar company's fremont headquarters. that would look great in a living room. the company went bankrupt in 2011. solyndra collapsed after receiving hundreds of millions in federal loans which then set off a big political firestorm. solyndra wound up auctioning off most of the equipment and selling the building in fremont so sea gate technology for just over $90 million. >>> happening now looking live at san diego international airport where police are investigating a security breach. police say a man ran on the tarmac at terminal one and tried to hide in a service vehicle. we're told he's been taken away by ambulance. it's not clear whether he is injured. it's believed the suspect came from the marine core recruit depot. military police now are on their way to t
uc berkeley students using local ingredients to make homemade lunches. >> on the ice, it's a done deal. we could find out today when sharks will play the first game of the season and the first game of the year over at hp pavilion. they will release the schedule as early as this morning. terms of the deal need to be ratified by both sides. league executives say they would like a 48-game regular season schedule and it could start as early as january 19th. comcast sports net tells us why this lockout may give the sharks an advantage. >> one thing the sharks should have going for them is they had 11 different players play overseas play competitive hockey at one point during this lockout. you would think that would help them right off the bat. they have more players playing competitive hockey than the kings, dallas stars, coyotes. you would think that would help them because they're isn't going to be much of a training camp here. injuries might be a factor early on. the fact they have so many guys playing competitively should help. >> a number of team's key players back in the bay area
trial. >>> a uc berkeley student law student is pleading guilty related to the beheading of an exotic bird in a las vegas resort. a fellow student faces felony charges of killing the bird. surveillance video shows both students chasing the bird and then tossing its body around. >>> this morning several shooting incidents prompting a conversation about gun control. >> starting where investigators say bullying may have prompted a shooting at a high school campus in the city of taft. a teacher and another staffer talked the teen into putting down his gun. the suspect is now under arrest. >>> in colorado, defense attorneys say james holmes is not ready to make a plea to charges of killing 12 people inside a movie theater. they have not revealed why the defendant is not ready. late last night a judge ruled there is enough evidence for holmes to face trial on 166 felony counts including first-degree murder. defense attorneys insist holmes is mentally ill. >>> amid controversy over gun control, one of the largest gun shows in the country will take place this weekend. hundreds of tables will
other drivers heading north. researchers from uc berkeley tracked more than 350,000 drivers using cell phone and gps devices and found if 1% of drivers would cancel their trips, traffic would drop by 14%. that means 8 minutes would be saved per hour. traffic ends up congesting quickly once the road's capacity is increased which is why researchers say one small change could make an impact. some drivers are skeptical. >> i don't think there will be a easy fix. i don't think there's a reverse commute anymore because there's people commuting from down here to where i live and then there's people commuting from where i live to down here. it's a hot mess. >> reporter: researchers say the study's findses are significant and could be -- findings are significant and could be helpful. caltrans and others in the industry are studying survey to see if they can install lights at freeway ramps to help space out traffic. you are looking at a live picture of the northbound lanes of 101 where traffic seems to be flowing okay. the southbound lanes are pretty clear. that's the picture out here right now.
, everybody. bay area native and uc berksly graduate chris stevens was one of four killed in that attack on the consulate in libya. this morning hillary clinton meeting face-to-face with the senate foreign relations commit pep at issue, whether the state department ignored stevens' concerns about safety at
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